UniFi v5.6.x Goes Testing!

UniFi 5.6.10 Testing has dropped. I haven’t been paying much attention to the v5.6.x Unstable releases as I’d been waiting for v5.5.x to become Stable, but now that we’re here… Here’s a run down of the differences I see from v5.5.19 -> v5.6.10.

USG Properties

First and foremost, a bunch of things have been removed from the Properties pane for the USG. Rejoice! All of that stuff has been moved to various places with Settings.

The Advanced section offers lots of new goodness, including control over Offload features.


Over in Site settings, we now have control over SSH access. Previously SSH was always enabled.

Wireless Networks

Fast Roaming for 802.11r devices is now available. Use at your own risk.


Networks brings much more control over DHCP. Highlights are DHCP Relay, being able to specify a gateway other than the USG, and control over various settings used for PXE and VOIP booting. It’s not everything we’ve always wanted but it’s a great first step.

Firewall Settings

Firewall has a new Settings tab with all sorts of knobs to tweak.

Port Forwarding

And Port Forwarding has been moved to the Routing & Firewall section.


More control over user permissions are now available.


Fine-grained control over logging.

And the next several shots show the various new tabs under Services.

DHCP Relay




2 thoughts on “UniFi v5.6.x Goes Testing!

  1. Just went to 5.5.19 but saw 5.6.10 out

    I cant establish what testing entails over BETA but do you think its ok to upgrade home environment the 5.6.10

    • https://help.ubnt.com/hc/en-us/articles/115000441548-UniFi-Current-Controller-Versions

      This article is out of date in terms of version numbers but gives an idea of the different release trains. I ran quite a few v5.5.x Testing and Stable Candidates without issue — aside from the Firewall Rules re-ordering problem, which I believe has also affected several v5.4.x releases.

      My general suggestion is that if Testing or Unstable has functionality you need, let others run it for a week or two and see what problems people report on the Beta forum before upgrading yourself. At home. With backups — use the auto backup feature and set up a cron job to copy them off-controller.

      For an office environment I wouldn’t consider a pre-release unless I was experiencing major bugs that were known to be fixed, and then I’d be real hesitant to go beyond the current vX.X series.

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