UXG Pro exited Early Access

Well, guess I lost a bet on that one. At 21 months since announcement, that has been one incredibly long EA cycle. Still $499 — because why shouldn’t you pay a premium to get lower-spec hardware that runs less software?

Speaking of long EA cycles, I’m still very happy with my UISP Console / UISP-R Pro. Still plenty of functionality to wish for but as a basic router they’ve been rock solid.

4 thoughts on “UXG Pro exited Early Access

    • Can’t say that I’ve tried hairpin NAT on a UISP router, anything I host that’s public-facing goes through Cloudflare.

    • Officially, no.

      Unofficially, not in any sensible manner. For the UXG-Pro there’s currently no way to run a script on boot so the only option would be to create static routes for and pointing to another router on the LAN side. Those routes are more specific than the default route for WAN so they’ll always be preferred. That does come with side effects — WAN is completely bypassed, so understand what that means for metrics, firewall, etc — but it doesn’t require going outside of the GUI.

      For the UDM* devices, install on-boot-script and create a script to run these commands:

      iptables -t nat -I POSTROUTING 1 -o eth8 -j ACCEPT
      iptables -t nat -I POSTROUTING 1 -o eth9 -j ACCEPT

      (Those eth# interface names are for a UDM Pro, probably need adjusting for a UDM)

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